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 D.G. Tatum Jr.

Gene founded Valley Medical Group in 2017. Gene is a retired Military officer and businessman. 


 Chief Legal Representative

   Ulises Blanco Diez


Director of Natural Medicine

Charles Lewis ND

As an undergraduate Charles Lewis, ND, was a candidate for the “Institutions and Policy Oxbridge Tutorial Series” (Rhodes program) at Cambridge. He is a board certified naturopath, by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board, with post-doctoral studies in biological medicine through the Marion Foundation, directed by Dr. Thomas Rau, from the Paracelsus Klinik, Switzerland.

Former professor of pre-med and nursing anatomy at Lake Michigan College, and Dean of Science at Sherman Institute. Recruited by the State of Oklahoma Director of Veterinary Medicine to help mediate the outbreak of WNV (West Nile virus) at OKC Equine Clinic in 2002/2003.

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About us

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    Valley Medical is a licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Medical Research and development company. We currently hold licenses in the manufacturing industry of controlled substances thru the schedule II category. Substances categorized under the Schedule I catagory are authorized for research by Valley Medical on a case by case basis in our laboratories in Colombia.

    Valley Medical is not bound by the United States Sanction on scientific studies on the medical applications of Cannabis. The Colombian government supports studies on new medical advancements in the use of various plants as medicines.

    Valley Medical Group is a Private Corporation formed under Colombian law as a Simplified shares corporation (SAS)  founded in 2016 in order to provide reliable access to high quality medical marijuana products that they can trust. 


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