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January 28, 2016 Updated Financial and Investor information 2 September 2016



This section was updated on 2 September 2016 due to a new certification of our test grow of Medical Cannabis in our Farm # 3 in Monteria Colombia.

The Colombian Government has taken random samples of our test grow of 1,000 medical grade cannabis plants. The reason for this random sampling is to determine the viability of our production as medical grade plants and the quality of such.


The following represents the results and market price as determined by FNE of Colombia, the controlling entity for controlled substances.


Authorized Hectares for growing fields: 20

Authorized plants per Hectare: 8,000

Flower yield per plant: 3 to 5 pounds

Graded extracted oil per ounce of flower: 3 to 4 grams

Market price as determined by grade of extracted oils: $120,000 to $180,000 Colombian Pesos ($40 to $60 USD )

Based on the above data as provided by our official certification, the following report is offered: (We are using the minimum values as provided by the Colombian certification)


8,000 plants per hectare
     x 3 pounds of flower per plant
=24,000 pounds of Flower

      x 16 ounces per pound
=384,000 ounces
        x 3 grams per ounce
=1,152,000 grams of  Oil
        x $40 per gram
=$46,080,000 USD per one Hectare per quarter.


VMG is in the process of preparing 3 Hectares for planting. Each growing period for a mature plant is 3 to 4 months. Planting schedule is one hectare per quarter providing an evenly spaced yield of 9 harvests per year. We need investors to help grow this project.




Investment may be made via Check, Money Order, or Credit Card. Please contact us for registration. If you wish your investment to remain anonymous or in a company name, that is acceptable. Simply click below and fill out the contact form and we will get back to you.


 Investors that want to become a part owner of VMG

  • VMG is currently offering 500,000 shares of private company stock to investors. Shares are valued at $50 per share. We will increase the value per share  once we have either:
    1. Sold the first 20,000 shares
    2. Board of Directors determination that an increase is justified
  • Currently stock values are $50 per share. 

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    Valley Medical is a licensed Pharmaceutical Manufacturer and Medical Research and development company. We currently hold licenses in the manufacturing industry of controlled substances thru the schedule II category. Substances categorized under the Schedule I catagory are authorized for research by Valley Medical on a case by case basis in our laboratories in Colombia.

    Valley Medical is not bound by the United States Sanction on scientific studies on the medical applications of Cannabis. The Colombian government supports studies on new medical advancements in the use of various plants as medicines.

    Valley Medical Group is a Private Corporation formed under Colombian law as a Simplified shares corporation (SAS)  founded in 2016 in order to provide reliable access to high quality medical marijuana products that they can trust. 


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